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24th March 2017
To AD or not to AD?

For a while we’ve been banging the drum about how traditional authentication methods (AD password and 2 Factor) don’t really fit well when logging in from the world of mobile.

While the mobile devices move forward with various improvements to this such as fingerprint to unlock, we often find that the enterprise resources that they connect to still prompt for passwords pretty much the same as they have done for years.

Having everyone typing their passwords on a keyboard in the office is clearly not an issue, but on mobile it creates a risk that needs to be tracked:

Simply put, if you’re getting your users to enter their Active Directory password on their mobile devices then you have a problem. That sensitive password is now being entered in public (on a packed train, in a coffee shop, etc) via a touchscreen keyboard….and if that password gets “shoulder surfed” then it’s the same password for everything on AD…

Tip of the week – use something other than the AD password on Mobile!

Contact us if you want help with configuring alternative authentication options for the Mobile estate.

17th March 2017
It’s all about the residuals!

Once upon a time you could buy a mid-tier BlackBerry for £150-£200. This was a good enough device for a large number of users and was considered good value.

As a result, most people didn’t even bother to look at what it was worth at the end of its life (the answer was not a lot) and so I suspect a lot of these devices are still knocking around in drawers & cupboards of the office.

Roll forward to now and everyone is looking at the price of a top-end smartphone and thinking it’s too expensive, compared to the cheap phones of the past it is!


What’s forgotten is that after 2 years that smartphone is still worth a significant portion of its purchase price (especially if it’s been looked after – just look at eBay). Tip number 1 is therefore:

– Get your phones back and your money back on the residual value!  You are missing out on a significant chunk of cash if you’re not doing this.

And then if you’re looking to deploy smartphones here is tip number 2:

– Lease the phone from us. For example, on an iPhone you could pay just 80% of the purchase price and we’ll take the phone back at the end and securely deal with getting the residual value back for you.

So, if you fancy saving 20% on your smartphone costs and you want someone to deal with the end of life process for you then give us a call.

And you’ve got 2 tips for the price of one this week – bargain!

10th March 2017
What Problems does Apple’s Device Enrolment Programme (DEP)* solve?

DEP has been around for a while now and we’re finally seeing it as a deployment option from multiple suppliers around the world. DEP is great for Enterprise for several reasons:

1. The devices are Supervised by default – this unlocks a greater level of access for the admin to control the device

2. It streamlines and simplifies the out of box experience for the end user

3. It locks the device to your enterprise. It cannot be used elsewhere without your permission. This controls the End of Life better and allows recovery of the Residual Value

All these are great, but it also controls a risk that often gets overlooked – How do you know the device is in a Trusted State BEFORE it arrives in your environment (think of Jailbreak or malicious Apps installed before activation). Apple is guaranteeing the device is shrink-wrap fresh when it arrives. THIS IS UNIQUE!

To understand more about DEP and how to control this with EMM get in touch.

*DEP provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy your corporate-owned Mac or iOS devices.


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