Mobile Carrier Auditing

Procurement and management of mobile telecoms are complex and expensive, Mobliciti makes it simple. We all operate in a telecoms market dominated by tariff-based propositions.

Mobliciti firmly believes that it’s not just the price you pay for telecoms services that matter, it’s how you utilise them that really counts. Because more efficient and productive organisations use what they need and need what they use.

Using our services, we help our customers re-define the standards of value businesses should expect from their telecoms providers.

We have developed a process-based methodology that helps you optimise the management of your telecoms budget, services and investments.



  • Complex Carrier contracts
  • Lack of visibility and policy
  • Inefficient assignment of telecoms budget
  • Lack of in house expertise

Key Benefits

  • Consistent delivery and user experience
  • Cost effective and easy to scale
  • Designed for today’s mobile world
  • Centralised cloud based management platform (also available on-prem)
  • Unlock Hidden cost savings from your telecoms budget
  • Recover historical overcharges from existing suppliers
  • Only pay for what you use and need
  • Secure best in class pricing and flexible terms
  • Validate current billing
  • Monitor device usage and Policy
  • Maximise ROI from your telecoms investment

Corporate & Personal Device Management

Enterprise Mobility Management (Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management and Mobile Content Management) is now the strategic management platform for today’s mobile world. EMM allows enterprises to secure and manage mobile devices, content and applications at scale across iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.

For more than 6 years, Mobliciti has partnered with industry recognised EMM leaders delivering our Managed EMM services to global enterprises in all market sectors. Our pedigree of delivering EMM within financial and regulated enterprises separates us from our competitors.

It’s time to move away from legacy systems management technology designed for yesterday’s world.



  • Management of multi OS
  • Cloud VS On-premise
  • Personal VS Corporate Use
  • Market consolidation
  • App Integration
  • In-House Support Skills
  • Legacy Infrastructure Integration
  • Corporate Policy Enforcement
  • Pace of change

Key Benefits

  • Industry leading EMM engineering skills.
  • One of the UK’s most experienced EMM integrators
  • 24 x 7 service desk, 100% focused on EMM solutions.
  • Industry specific understanding
  • On premise, cloud and hybrid implementation models.
  • EMM as a service – installed, configured, supported

Roaming Cost Control

In today’s mobile world with 4k Video, Voice over IP, IM and even in-game purchasing using mobile data, bill shock has become a very relevant concern for financial departments trying to lower operating costs. Although network operators have recently started lowering roaming data costs, additional services offered by 4G enabled devices has increased this risk.

Mobliciti partner with leading vendors to provide granular visibility of what data (down to application layer) is being accessed by users, enabling organisations to apply customised, automated control on what data is accessed and where. This not only provides control on spend but, where required, also allows visibility of user behaviour on corporate owned devices.

Mobliciti not only provides the technology to help manage mobile costs but also industry-experienced consultancy to assist in creating the correct usage policies to support this control on spend.

For businesses who would prefer to consume this as a service, please see our Managed Mobility Service



  • BYO v Corporate
  • Bill Shock
  • Visibility of Spend
  • Global Commercial Plans
  • Data Roaming
  • Increasing size of mobile apps
  • 3G/4G offload
  • Voice and Video Deployment
  • Visibility of Mobility Spend through ‘Single Pane of Glass’

Key Benefits

  • SIM level, device agnostic solutions.
  • Carrier agnostic technology
  • Provisioning and mitigation processes integrated with EMM platform.
  • Automated proximity aware control.
  • Full visibility of user behaviour (where required)
  • 24 x 7 Service desk.
  • Experienced mobile spend consultants.

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