Web, Email, Mobile App & Document Security

Content access enables employee productivity, and enabling this access across a range of experiences empowers to be flexible in where, when and how they are productive. The challenges arise when this content is business sensitive or when a user needs further control over that content to edit or share that documentation with others. By integrating security into the content itself, businesses can control when, where and how the content is accessed and how the content can be used, for example controlling print, copy and paste and forwarding of any content.

Mobliciti offers a wide range of content focused security that enhances user productivity whilst ensuring enterprise-grade security functionality is met.



  • Content access
  • Document integrity
  • Data leakage
  • Unapproved insecure user initiatives
  • Unified user experience

Key Benefits

  • Unified user experience
  • Secure data in transit and at rest
  • Define policy to create control
  • Empower users without risk

Mobile Threat Prevention

Security of enterprise mobile devices is a growing and immediate concern, and MDM device management only provides part of the answer to the vast array of threats.

Without Mobile Threat Prevention, Malicious apps can compromise your mobile security, taking control of the camera, microphone and gaining access to private information that could be sent across the globe in seconds.

Our Mobile Threat Prevention service detects and prevents mobile threats and provides visibility into mobile security trends across the enterprise.

Mobliciti provides security services that address a wide range of attack vectors, ensuring enterprise have security confidence in a world where users and corporate data are truly mobile.



  • Malware
  • Man in the middle attacks
  • Social engineering
  • Malicious profiles
  • Insecure public Wi-Fi
  • Attacker wireless networks
  • OS specific vulnerabilities
  • Fake application development tools

Key Benefits

  • Early detection of advanced persistent threats (APT)
  • Device threat analytics
  • Integration into your MDM system
  • Simple deployment
  • Informative and non-intrusive
  • Protection from Side loading of apps

Identity & Access Management

Compromised user credentials are the single largest threat to corporate security, with lost credentials granting attackers access onto the network and into restricted resources. Mobliciti’s Identity Access & Management (IA&M) solutions mean you can consistently enforce access rights across your organisation.

Our authentication services help you achieve your business goals by providing immediate, easy and secure access to your information in a secure environment. Our IA&M tools allow you to quickly and cost-effectively integrate policies across local, mobile and cloud environments, helping you dramatically reduce the risk of attack.



  • Safely managing cloud connectivity for multiple users and devices
  • Complex IT infrastructures that are hard to secure
  • Securing valid user credentials to prevent Security breaches
  • Inability to verify online identities

Key Benefits

  • Safeguard remote access to your network by authenticated individuals only
  • Behavioural biometrics ensure continuous authentication
  • Self-help tools reduce administration saving time, resource and increases user autonomy
  • Single sign-on allows strong identity security with minimal user disruption

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