Webinar: The Wi-Fi Design Workshop

Listen to the 45-minute online workshop to receive insights on the most common Wi-Fi pitfalls that result in lower performance, burdensome network management, higher complexity and cost – with best practices to get it right from the outset.

In this workshop, our team of local experts cover critical considerations – answering your questions and sharing ideas. Through this, they can help you create a better experience for yourself and your users:

  • Radio frequency considerations including signal to noise ratio
  • Best use of channels and spatial streams to avoid interference
  • Designing for capacity, not just coverage – including ways to double your capacity
  • Achieving best data rates through bandwidth optimisation
  • Getting the right architecture for your network design

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How Mobliciti Can Help

Mobliciti hold a wide breadth of knowledge and solutions regarding connectivity, we believe in seamless connections whether at home or roaming, with simple and manageable billing. Which is exactly what we deliver.

Mobliciti cut out the middle man and focus on your needs. With Aerohive we are able to radically simplify your access network, increase network automation and intelligence whilst reducing cost and complexity. Through this, we can provide your business a more reliable, cost-efficient corporate Wi-Fi as well as 24/7 support.

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