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7th April 2017

Building on the tip last week it’s also worth noting that Apple is killing off support for 32 Bit Applications soon.

As ever we can’t say for sure when this will be, but most likely this will be when iOS11 comes out.

What does that mean?

Up to now any App that’s been written in the past going back to the launch of the iPhone and iPod touch could potentially still be run on a modern device even if the App had not been updated in a long time.

Good news – any App that has been maintained over the years will continue to work fine as the developer will have already updated the App for 32/64 Bit running.

Bad news – there are a LOT of older Apps in the App Store that are going to break soon.  These are Apps that are compiled for 32 Bit only.

Am I impacted?

Surprisingly it’s a bit of a pain to check, but here’s how:

On your iOS device click on “Settings” / “General” / “About”.  On screen there is a section called Applications.


If you don’t have any Apps that have a problem then you will just see a count of the number of installed Apps.

If you do have an issue then you will have the arrow that indicates you can tap on this section to get to a further screen that lists the Apps that are about to break:


As you can see my fix of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is now under threat.  Which is sad, but not the end of the world – I’ve still got a PS2 at home!

However, for enterprise we often see that internal focused apps can be less regularly updated. As such I’d strongly recommend checking to see if you’ve got an imminent issue before it’s too late…

For help with this issue get in contact.

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