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28th April 2017

Speaking with customers at one of our events this week it became apparent that there is a common issue being faced.

We all agreed that, to drive ROI on the companies Mobile spend, there had to be an App ecosystem available beyond delivering mobile email. However, the challenge for the Enterprise is deciding which Apps are “safe” and therefore allowable on a Corporate device.

Presently we see a lot of customers trying to maintain a whitelist of Apps. Usually this will be based on some form of internal security criteria (i.e. doesn’t connect to social media or access contact info, etc). Apart for the sheer scale of the potential job you’re signing up for (have you seen how many Apps there are???), there are a few items to consider:

  • appApp testing takes longer than you think. It can be surprising how deep into the App features can be found.
  • Be careful of the EULA – many Apps that are free on the App Store are licenced for personal use only
  • Make sure you’re logged in to see the App working fully and can
    monitor where the App is connecting to
  • You need to test on all OS’s – Apps can be different on Apple vs Android

Unfortunately, there is another “gotcha” that needs to be mentioned and it’s the one that we often see missed:


You’ve completed your tests and added the App to the whitelist. Everyone has installed it and suddenly there is a new version out… the App now needs testing again.

Every Update to Every App will need testing – your team is going to be kept very busy!

We have solutions to help with this – automated App testing and reputation can completely remove this headache by allowing you to whitelist App behaviour rather than the App itself.

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