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15th December 2017
When buying a brand-new car there has always been the challenge of the initial price drop when you drive your new pride and joy off the forecourt. As soon as you’ve driven it, it’s lost a significant percentage of its value.

The age-old solution to this has been to buy a nearly new car, or “Ex-Demo” as they tend to be labelled by the motor trade. Key benefits being that.

  1. It costs less
  2. It still looks and feels new to you (and the neighbours)
  3. It’s worth just as much as a brand-new car will be in 3 years’ time when it’s time to trade it in

Guess what…


Simple really. We can source the latest devices in a nearly new state and sell them at a discount price when compared to the brand-new devices.

The same benefits as those listed above apply to phones too. What’s more, we can even do innovative things for the Enterprise like branding the packaging to really wow your users and make the out of box experience a real wow. We make nearly new feel better than vanilla shrink wrap!

This is a great way to save money on your device spend without compromising on your device strategy.

If you’d like to know more about how we can provide innovative procurement of mobile devices then please do get in touch.

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