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16th June 2017

As expected, at this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced iOS 11 would be available in the Autumn.

Although there are a number of GUI updates and enhancements, it was really the new MDM features that I was focusing on.

Apple did not disappoint.

The feature that really caught my eye was the ability to add any device to DEP.

Companies will be able to add iOS and Apple TV devices that were purchased outside of the traditional DEP-supported channels. Admins just need to connect devices to Apple Configurator 2.5 (currently in beta) and the serial numbers will be added to the organisation’s DEP portal.

This means you can now erase the device and the next time the device turns on, it will go through the DEP steps during setup.

Note: there is a 30-day provisional period where admins can still remove the device from DEP to prevent accidental enrolment

To find out more about our iOS beta testing do get in contact.

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