Brown’s Bytes – Internet Access is Now a Human Right According to the UN

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18th August 2017

As mentioned in a previous Byte the EU have ended roaming charges within the EU.

This is obviously great news for organisations, as costs will be much reduced thus allowing mobile users to be productive and connected while roaming in the EU.

BUT, this is not true when roaming outside of the EU, to the Middle/Far East or to the Americas, usage costs can be extortionate and using a mobile without WI-Fi for internet access can end up costing the organisation a small fortune.

Whilst there are ways to restrict/cap data usage, these restrictions are going to push users to connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots.


• How do we know if the Access Point/Network is ‘safe’?

• Credit card details may have to be entered to use the network

So, what is the solution? An intelligent, global Wi-Fi network with over 60 million hotspots that include hotels, coffee shops, airports and even in-flight Wi-Fi, all with a single username and password and a ‘last mile’ VPN. This would mean that you would almost always have internet access somewhere!

Surely this is just a dream?

No! It is in fact a reality and it allows for unlimited usage, on multiple devices for a per user/per month cost. For more information, get in contact.

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