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8th December 2017
Building on a theme mentioned before in these bytes, this week Apple have updated their stats about iOS version numbers. The key headline now being that they’re now up to 59% of devices on iOS11:

I would hope that most Enterprises are now in this 59% due to the significant number of security fixes now rolled into iOS11. If you’re still holding out, then you’re definitely holding back the tide now!

Now let’s compare and contrast Apple with Android.

So how does Android’s latest major release compare? Answer… not well at all!!

Operating SystemRelease DatePercentage of Devices
Apple iOS 11September 201759%
Android OreoAugust 20170.3%


Yep – you read that right… less than 1% of devices are running Oreo. In fact, there are more devices running Gingerbread than Oreo. Gingerbread just had its 6th birthday and has been out of support for years now!
Full details from Google below – it makes for pretty grim reading.














I’ve said it many times now, but please do bear these stats in mind when choosing the OS you’ll be using in the Enterprise.

I’m not knocking Android (in fact I’ve switched to using one after years as an Apple fan), but patching is definitely the Achilles heel of the platform and for Enterprise potentially a showstopper. Check the OS patching process before you buy into any OS and consider the “pure” Google devices like Pixel which follow a more Apple like route to market for the updates (i.e. you can get the update when it’s released rather than 3-6 months later).

If you’d like to know more about how best to manage your Mobile estate going forward then please do get in touch.

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