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28th July 2017

There has been an interesting debate for a while now about where does the iPad fit when most people are happy with using their smartphone these days.

In addition, the iPad Pro really has (literally) stretched the boundaries of Mobile devices to the point of overlap with traditional Operating Systems – both Mac OS and Windows. Unfortunately, there are times when this stretching becomes rather obvious and it can start to feel like a giant iPhone!

Enter iOS11.

We’ve been testing the iOS11 beta for some time now. For the first time, it does feel like a split Operating System where the iPad experience is diverging from the phone world. On the iPhone, the UI just feels slightly tweaked, but on an iPad it is a dramatic change (and for the better).

Are Apple looking for a new niche for the iPad? iOS11 is definitely taking it towards being a more Enterprise focused tool – maybe this is the niche….

I’d recommend having a look at the features and seeing how iPad, in particular when combined with Microsoft’s Office Suite, is now closing in on being a genuine laptop replacement.

If you’d like to know more about iOS in the enterprise then please get in touch.

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