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17th March 2017

Once upon a time you could buy a mid-tier BlackBerry for £150-£200. This was a good enough device for a large number of users and was considered good value.

As a result, most people didn’t even bother to look at what it was worth at the end of its life (the answer was not a lot) and so I suspect a lot of these devices are still knocking around in drawers & cupboards of the office.

Roll forward to now and everyone is looking at the price of a top-end smartphone and thinking it’s too expensive, compared to the cheap phones of the past it is!


What’s forgotten is that after 2 years that smartphone is still worth a significant portion of its purchase price (especially if it’s been looked after – just look at eBay). Tip number 1 is therefore:

– Get your phones back and your money back on the residual value!  You are missing out on a significant chunk of cash if you’re not doing this.

And then if you’re looking to deploy smartphones here is tip number 2:

– Lease the phone from us. For example, on an iPhone you could pay just 80% of the purchase price and we’ll take the phone back at the end and securely deal with getting the residual value back for you.

So, if you fancy saving 20% on your smartphone costs and you want someone to deal with the end of life process for you then give us a call.

And you’ve got 2 tips for the price of one this week – bargain!

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