Brown’s Bytes – Native Windows 10 Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)

All modern mobile operating systems provide organisations with native Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) controls. These controls provide a separation of corporate and personal data on the same device. Android has Android Enterprise (formally Android for Work), iOS has managed apps and since the ‘Anniversary’ update Windows 10 has Windows Information Protection (WIP – formally Enterprise Data Protection or EDP).

WIP data separation is a solution that is easy to deploy and doesn’t get in the way of the user experience. The policies can be configured easily through your existing MDM platform and it works on both Windows 10 Mobile as well as larger mobile devices such as laptops and tablets, running Windows 10.

WIP works in the background so it will work with your organisations existing applications and the policies make sure that only authorised users and apps have access to business data, they can even prevent copy and paste. It will allow users to freely copy content between business apps and documents, but it won’t allow the data to leak into the personal or public domain unless IT chooses to allow it with a policy.

For example, a user could attach a document from a corporate repository to a corporate e-mail account in Outlook, but they would be restricted from uploading it to a personal webmail account or uploading it to Dropbox.

With the latest ‘Creators’ update for Windows 10, expect Microsoft to further enhance these policies.

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