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30th June 2017

The Cloud.

A large percentage of enterprises are looking to utilise cloud services such as Office 365, and it makes sense as these cloud services offer a number of benefits including less capital expenditure, increased collaboration and the ability to work from anywhere.

But although cloud service providers implement the best security standards and adhere to industry certifications, storing data and important files on external service providers coupled with the ‘always available’ data model, it always opens up risks and provides a sizable area of attack for people with malicious intent.

Here are some statistics sourced via Skyhigh around Office 365 Adoption Rate, Stats, and Usage.

Office 365 implementations are under attack:

  • 71.4% have at least one compromised account each month
  • 57.1% have at least one insider threat each month
  • 45.9% have at least one privileged user threat each month

That is scary reading!

So how can we reap the benefits of cloud services without compromising our data?

Adding adaptive authentication capabilities to ALL Office 365 entry points, this includes 3rd party mail clients (i.e. Apple Mail) which can currently only protect with username/password, gives much greater protection.

The result is the most complete protection, using multi-factor authentication with risk analysis, for the world’s most widely used cloud app – regardless of how users are accessing their Office 365.

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