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13th April 2017

In a mobile first world, enterprises are looking to enable their employees to be more productive when away from their desks by providing access to corporate data i.e. intranet, CRM, SAP, etc.

However, if the data has not been formatted for display on a mobile device, the user experience will suffer and the employee is likely to stop using it.

This is the reason why mobile apps are so popular: they are designed to be used on mobile devices.

Let’s take a mobile banking app for example, the app allows the user to do most of the quick tasks like check their balance or transfer money, without having to visit a branch and is designed to fit on a mobile phone screen. This is a great user experience and saves time, allowing the user to do other things.


Most companies do not have app development skills internally and having a bespoke one built can be expensive.

This is why we are seeing the rise of rapid app development solutions. These solutions offer pre-built templates with drag and drop functionality, to allow customised, branded mobile apps to be developed in minutes. Using these tools is as simple as using Microsoft PowerPoint, no development experience is necessary.

Contact us to arrange a demo of rapid app development and see how easy it really is.

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