Brown’s Bytes – RIP iPhone 5 and 5C?

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31st March 2017

As many of you will have noticed there was a new version of iOS released this week. What may have slipped under the radar is that the next Beta of iOS was also made available.

For a while now Apple have been dropping hints that they are not going to support 32-bit hardware and applications for much longer.

Based on the Beta it does appear that iOS 10.3.2 could well be the moment when this happens. Even if Apple change their minds (it is just a Beta at present) then it seems highly likely that iOS 11 will be the end.

If you’re running any iPhone 5, 5C or 4th generation iPad devices in your estate then it’s time to act. These devices are running on borrowed time!

Given that each iOS release is a mixture of feature enhancements, bug fixes and crucially Security Fixes then you can’t afford to leave a device such as the iPhone 5 in your estate for long once they go to end of life.

Contact us if you want help with evergreening your estate. You may also want to look at one of my earlier tips about reducing the cost of Apple kit by leasing it from Mobliciti.

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