Brown’s Bytes – Roam Like Home… Or Is It?

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4th August 2017

Before I go away on my summer break I thought it would be timely to talk about roaming charges.

There has been a lot of press recently about the fact that the EU have forced the carriers to remove roaming charges when roaming within Europe.

This is genuinely good news for consumers and a lot of noise is now being made about “Roam like Home” type tariffs that incorporate this requirement.

A collective HURRAH all round then…no more roaming charges within Europe!


The EU ruling was put there to protect consumers and they are the ones who now have access to these tariffs.

As far as the EU is concerned, Enterprises are big enough to look after their own tariffs and roaming bills. From speaking with customers, it does seem that there is an assumption that this will apply to business tariffs as well. This isn’t the case.

Simple tip this week is therefore to suggest that you read the small print on your tariffs before everyone goes on Holiday!

If you want help trying to manage your carrier or would like a business tariff that had transparent pricing then please get in touch.

Now where did I put my travel adapter?

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