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17th November 2017

First a massive thank you from me, to all those who attended our event; VIEW at the Shard last week. There was a real buzz at the event and it was great to see so many of our customers taking notes about what we see as the key items for their 2018 agendas.

Following on from this, I feel that some of the themes we’ve covered in previous bytes are now really starting to resonate. A key area was the use of carrier Tech Funds and how these are linked to a rather outdated way of procuring devices.

For a long time now, carriers have used Tech Funds to allow customers to fund their devices as part of the overall airtime deal. For an extra x pounds per number, per month the carrier would then give a magic pot of cash from which IT could order devices.

There is a raft of issues with this, but the killer one is this:


For years the cost of the mobile devices has effectively been swept under the carpet and hidden in the Carrier contract.

This is simply unsustainable with the rising costs of the devices…

We’ve reached a tipping point where the bump in the carpet is now too big to ignore!

As we’ve said before Carriers love to bundle things together, as it allows plenty of space to hide costs and lock customers into longer deals that are bad value in the long term.

To help you with how to solve this, we’ve pulled together a whitepaper that covers the issue in detail and provides guidance on how you can solve the thorny carrier management issue. I would strongly recommend a read of it here.

However, if you prefer please get in touch and we’ll happily discuss our carrier management services in more detail and how we can help you reduce the carrier spend by effectively managing all the components for you.

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