Brown’s Bytes – To AD or not to AD?

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24th March 2017

For a while we’ve been banging the drum about how traditional authentication methods (AD password and 2 Factor) don’t really fit well when logging in from the world of mobile.

While the mobile devices move forward with various improvements to this such as fingerprint to unlock, we often find that the enterprise resources that they connect to still prompt for passwords pretty much the same as they have done for years.

Having everyone typing their passwords on a keyboard in the office is clearly not an issue, but on mobile it creates a risk that needs to be tracked:

Simply put, if you’re getting your users to enter their Active Directory password on their mobile devices then you have a problem. That sensitive password is now being entered in public (on a packed train, in a coffee shop, etc) via a touchscreen keyboard….and if that password gets “shoulder surfed” then it’s the same password for everything on AD…

Tip of the week – use something other than the AD password on Mobile!

Contact us if you want help with configuring alternative authentication options for the Mobile estate.

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