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15th September 2017

So, the iPhone X is announced and most of the rumours turned out to be true.

Talking with customers there are already concerns about the biggest change to the OS – the change to the login. Key questions on Faceprint vs Fingerprint already being:

  • Will faceprint integrate into apps the same as fingerprint did?
  • Can we block it if we don’t like it?
  • Is faceprint really more secure?
  • Did Apple really just say fingerprint perhaps isn’t as secure as we thought?

At present, we’re all waiting to get the answers…

Talking with the tech teams, there has also been a collective “Meh” to the new phones announced as well. While I do think that’s a little unfair (all phones have been iterating on features for a while now), it does seem there isn’t much new being shown by the iPhone X from a technology perspective. Apple do have a long history of bringing together technologies and making them work well together so I’m waiting until I get my hands on one before giving a final judgement.

However, the thing we predicted that has certainly been a talking point is the price: £1149 for a phone!

We can’t make the iPhone X cheaper, but we do have ways to help realise the residual value and bring down the TCO – get in touch if you want to know more about how to do this.

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