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5th May 2017

For a long time the way you managed your “full fat” Windows estate and the Mobile estate have been very different.

The way Windows is built/deployed/managed hasn’t really changed that much since the days of Windows NT4 (that’s over 20 years ago now…. I’m getting old!!). Usually it goes something like:

  • Build / maintain corporate Windows 10 image
  • Buy kit
  • Hand over to “Build Team” who flatten the disk and re-image it with a corporate build
  • Add to domain
  • Add management agent
  • Install software

Once built the machine is then designed to live inside the firewall on “the network”. For laptops, you then have to add in VPN and security layers to allow the device out into the wild world. The VPN was critical for managing and updating the machine too…all the updates/software/support are still back behind the firewall.

Mobile OS’s are the complete opposite – they are designed to live on the internet by default. As a result, the way they are implemented is very different. This time it’s something like:

  • Buy kit
  • End user activates device over the air
  • THAT’S IT!!

Windows 10 has changed this.

You can still build it the old way if you want to, but crucially you can also now activate it out of the box just like a mobile OS. Once you do that you can still lock down the machine, apply security policy, deploy apps and much more – all over the air, anytime that the device is connected to the internet.

This is a game changer. It removes a large chunk of time and effort spent looking after the build and support of Windows machines and it’s also a far better end user experience.

It also opens the door to thinking about BYOD for Windows….

If you’ve not looked at this before I’d suggest contacting us for a demo.

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