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It’s been an interesting week in the world of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Earlier in the week there was a bit of noise regarding a story that emerged here claiming the FCA were looking to “Gold Plate” EU rules and effectively ban BYOD. As is often the case there was more to the story than originally published but things have subsequently calmed down a bit. However, this does raise interesting questions about using BYOD in a Mobile Fleet. This article is definitely worth a read for context on how BYOD can introduce complexity to a service.

Clearly the main reason BYOD has been attractive now in Enterprise has been to save money on the Mobile Phone bill. At a high level, it’s a simple business case to write – in summary “Mobile phones are expensive and many staff already have one of their own. Let’s use their phone instead and save some cash.”

As the story above alluded to, the problem is when you drill into what else users are also able to do with a phone when it is used in a work context.

This broadly falls into two areas:

  1. How can you keep Corporate Data separate from Personal Data?
  2. How do you control and/or monitor what else is being done on the device?

There can be massive risks if you do BYOD wrong.

For regulated industries, there has long been regulation to “help” define this problem and control the risk. Usually this just blocks things! Many other organisations have embraced BYOD in a more open manner, but are potentially then open to risks. When these risks are reviewed in the new GDPR context there can be a lot of work to do to sort this out.

If you’re not careful BYOD can quickly become BYOH (Headache). You might save money on the headline cost of devices, but security and complexity of service can erode this very quickly.

BYOD can be made to work very successfully and securely in Enterprise, but the devil is in the detail… if you want to know more about how best to manage a BYOD estate then please get in touch.

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