Webinar: Mobile Content Filtering – Preventing Exposures Before They Happen

Most businesses employ content filtering within the corporate network to block unapproved access to sites and whilst employees expect to be restricted when working on corporate computers, content filtering is not actively applied to corporate mobile devices.

So whilst mobile threat defence is vital for detecting new vulnerabilities on a reactive basis what about using content filtering to take a more pro-active approach?

Download the webinar to discover how you can use content filtering to:

  • Expand visibility on device usage
  • Minimise your company’s exposure to risk
  • Reduce the burden on your security team
  • Increase productivity and save money

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How Mobliciti Can Help

Mobliciti delivers a revolutionary Cloud managed, Controller-less Enterprise Wireless solution, combining industry leading switching and access point technology with our unique managed service delivery. Our controller-less, cloud-managed wireless technology is revolutionising the way enterprises deliver high-performing, scalable and secure wireless connectivity throughout their regional and global offices.

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