Webinar: The Most Critical Features To Simplify Wi-Fi Management

The need for reliable connectivity is a given. But how do you ensure high performance Wi-Fi for your end-users in addition to maintaining an easy experience for your network team to deliver?

Watch Aerohive’s on demand, 30 minute webinar covering the Wi-Fi critical capabilities review and assessment of the market for tools and features that will streamline your experience. The webinar was conducted by Aerohive’s CWNE Systems Engineers:

Detailing the: Streamlined deployment and expansion

  • Controlling wireless, wired, and WAN in a single platform for higher network efficiencies
  • Better sight and governance over what applications are being used
  • Security & onboarding – streamlining who can do what within automated user groups
  • Troubleshooting – how to best manage problematic clients
  • Knowing how your network compares to similar networks

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How Mobliciti Can Help

Mobliciti delivers a revolutionary Cloud managed, Controller-less Enterprise Wireless solution, combining industry leading switching and access point technology with our unique managed service delivery. Our controller-less, cloud-managed wireless technology is revolutionising the way enterprises deliver high-performing, scalable and secure wireless connectivity throughout their regional and global offices.

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