How Gooligan and other forms of mobile attacks can harm the enterprise

Organisations are facing many different challenges in today’s modern world. One of the biggest, if not the biggest, is keeping control of security issues within the Enterprise.

As pioneers of delivering mobile security solutions, we held a webinar with Check Point back in July this year to show how businesses can better understand the common mistakes they’re making in regards to mobile security.  Some of the key learning points below:

5 Common Misconceptions about Mobile Security

  • EMM/MDM is all I need.
  • Secure containers can protect me, right?
  • Mobile threats are very rare, I have other priorities.
  • Apple told me that the iPhone is immune against threats.
  • Mobile anti-virus is the only tool I need.

Enter Gooligan – a new level of threat on Android

Earlier this year Gooligan was discovered by Check Point.  It is a complex malware that infects devices once a user downloads an app from a third-party store.

The malware steals authentication tokens that can be used to access data from Google Play, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive and more. The malware installs certain apps on a user’s phone and highly rates them. Its main mission is to install adware to generate revenue for those apps, reportedly raking in as much as $320,000 a month!

To avoid infecting your device, you should:

  • Only download apps from the official Google Play store
  • Watch CheckPoint’s on-demand webinar:
  • Unfortunately, if your phone is infected, things get a little more difficult. Check Point recommends installing a clean operating system on your phone.
  • This is complicated, so it’s best to turn off your device and get professional help. Once your phone has been fixed by a pro, make sure you change all your Google passwords.

Check Point’s MTP would have blocked this!

Check Point’s market leading MTP technology would have detected and blocked this threat. Only Check Point provides a complete mobile security solution that protects devices from threats on the device (OS), in apps, and in the network, and delivers the industry’s highest threat catch rate for iOS and Android. Mobile Threat Prevention uses malicious app detection to find known and unknown threats by applying threat emulation, advanced static code analysis, app reputation and machine learning. As was the case with MDM several years ago, all Enterprises should be looking to implement a Mobile Threat Prevention solution as standard!

Click here to see a sample of Check Point’s Threat Analysis report!

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