MobileIron Built for the Modern Enterprise

Modern enterprises are rapidly shifting core business processes away from legacy technologies and standardising on mobile devices and cloud services. Thus, organisations are quickly outgrowing basic mobile device management (MDM) capabilities and apps. Building a secure mobile and cloud architecture now requires a comprehensive approach to enterprise mobility management (EMM).

Today’s modern enterprise requires a mobile and cloud security provider that can:

  • Offer a comprehensive, multi-OS security platform that can manage any mobile app or cloud service on any device.
  • Support a broad ecosystem of leading apps and technology partners.
  • Provide the scalability to support unlimited business growth and innovation to harness future mobile opportunities.
  • Be a trusted advisor who can help plan, design, and deploy a comprehensive strategy with experienced customer support services.

MobileIron: EMM Built for the Modern Enterprise

MobileIron offers a secure, enterprise-ready EMM platform that addresses a broad range of mobile device and app management requirements, such as Defence-grade security, unified endpoint management, secure productivity, seamless user experiences, and best-in-class support.

Here’s why organisations should take a closer look at MobileIron.

Don’t compromise between email security and employee productivity

Allow employees to choose between secure native email or a high-security containerised option that deliver the experience employees want with the data protection every enterprise requires.

  • MobileIron supports certificate-based authentication to simplify user access.
  • Provides conditional access based on the device’s security posture
  • IT can also wipe all email data if the device is ever lost or stolen.
  • Capabilities can be expanded to Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and IBM Notes.

Protect app data on any device or network

MobileIron offers critical app security capabilities such as cross-platform, government-grade encryption of app data at rest and in motion.

  • Supports the AppConfig community’s standards-based tools and best practices
  • AppConnect offers an extensive ecosystem with more than 150 third-party and in-house apps
  • Enables secure access through DLP enforcement for corporate intranet and file-sharing without requiring a VPN.
  • AppConnect-enabled apps can also be deployed to the secured Android for Work app.

Reduce the threat of data loss with advanced security across the entire mobile and cloud infrastructure

MobileIron is the only EMM vendor that provides unique access control capabilities to solve these mobile app-to-cloud security challenges.

  • MobileIron Access allows IT to restrict access to authorised mobile devices, apps, and cloud services.
  • Uses a standards-based approach to continually check device posture to ensure that devices accessing cloud services, company apps and data are fully compliant with corporate security policies. If a device fails compliance checks, IT can restrict access until the security posture is remediated.
  • Allows customers to securely distribute apps like Office 365 through the MobileIron Apps@Work enterprise app store meaning only trusted apps and devices can access Office 365 data.

Ensure data is always accessed over secure connections

MobileIron Tunnel is a per-app VPN solution which works seamlessly across iOS, Android for Work, and Windows 10 devices.

  • Allows organisations to provide access to behind-the-firewall resources without having to change any of their data centre network or architecture design.
  • Provides split-tunnelling across iOS, Android for Work, and Windows 10 devices

Protect against modern threats by going beyond basic SSO

MobileIron is the first EMM provider to launch secure SSO, which is a context-sensitive, certificate-based, identity provider-neutral approach to cloud authentication.

  • Password-less access to enterprise services while IT ensures that only authorised users and apps can connect to backend resources.
  • End the frustration of user account lockouts and reduce help requests from employees who forget their passwords.
  • User authentication is easy with digital certificates, Kerberos, secure SSO, and robust support for public key infrastructure (PKI).
  • Digital certificates provide strong authentication without the need for passwords

MobileIron: A Recognised Global Leader in Mobile Security

In addition to being the enterprise choice for secure mobility, MobileIron have been positioned as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites for seven consecutive years. MobileIron also ranks in the top five for all categories of the Gartner Critical Capabilities for High-Security Mobility Management.

Every Enterprise Deserves Better than Basic Mobile Management

Organisations don’t have to settle for “good enough” mobile management solutions that don’t scale to support the future of mobility. Now is the time for organisations to evaluate their mobile infrastructure requirements and consider how MobileIron can improve security, enable a more productive user experience, scale for the future, and provide proven technology leadership.

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