Turning Mobile Airtime & Device Procurement on its Head

Always get the best deal

Mobile devices are getting more expensive, both in terms of airtime and device cost. Airtime agreements are being artificially inflated to generate a tech fund and cover the cost of devices which are now almost always in excess of £500, potentially even over a £1000.

There is a better way – It’s time to separate airtime and devices

By purchasing airtime away from the device, you are opening yourself up to a much more competitive market for each. In addition, you are able to accurately benchmark each individual service to make sure you’re getting good value for money.

Do you know exactly what you spend each month on airtime?

Most business have no complete understanding of the costs of a mobile contract and bill shock is a regular occurrence and without complete transparency, there is no way to understand how to reduce costs.

This is where we would like to introduce Mobliciti Airtime, designed to provide easy to understand and easy to use airtime agreements that can prevent bill shock.

Mobliciti Airtime

We have a unique proposition for you, one simple tariff – a simple contract that allows users to choose between either 02 or Vodafone and automatically adjusts to suit an individual’s needs.

30-Day Rolling Contract

Each number is on a 30-day rolling contract. This means you can add and remove individuals when you need to, meaning there are no unused connections and no contract overhang, this also means that users have the flexibility to change networks on a monthly basis should they want to.

Standard Tariff

All users are on a standard tariff that entitles them to unlimited UK and EU calls, unlimited SMS and 1GB data, but the difference is data can be shared across all users regardless of network. So, if you had 24 users, that would be 24GB of data for them all to share. Meaning that collectively, as long as no more than 24GB is used across all users, no additional data is required.

Automatic Bolt-Ons

Ensuring users are always on the right tariff can be difficult as requirements change from month to month, with our automatic bolt-ons you can ensure that your users are always on the right tariff at the right time. There’s no need to inform us, we’ll do it for you.

Fully Managed

Unlike other mobile operators we are not selling you just the airtime, but rather a fully managed service, this is going to save you money as you’ll be cutting down on staff resource as we’ll be looking after all your admin & agreements.

Each month each user will receive a usage report, this can also be sent to costs centres and anyone else who requires them. There is no manual process to request these reports, once the initial setup is done, you’ll get them as requested. We’ll also provide commentary on items where you can further reduce spend.

We have one simple rule: simple, transparent and no hidden charges


To Buy or Not to Buy?

Now that you’ve decided to separate your devices from your airtime, the questioning of procuring those devices comes into question.

Organisations can now choose to spread purchase costs over 24–36 months, or even lease (rent) the device as an alternative to an outright purchase. This not only breaks the traditional tie to purchasing devices through the mobile networks, and the hidden costs of buying devices through tech funds, but it also creates opportunities to more cost-effectively upgrade technology for your users.

Whether you purchase or lease devices, by decoupling mobile devices from airtime contracts your organisation will be able to have much better transparency of costs and potentially negotiate more flexible and lower cost airtime contracts on a SIM-only Mobile Device Financing.

For more information on how Mobliciti can help manage your airtime and services, whilst reducing costs, please contact us.

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