Mobliciti Partner With Simply Migrate

Mobliciti are proud to announce a new partnership with Simply Migrate, a tool for seamless, simple data migration.

What does Simply Migrate do?

Simply Migrate is a product designed from the ground up bringing you a simple, secure, scalable, data migration solution.

The key components Simply Migrate brings:

  1. Simple – Takes minutes to install and start migrating your data.
  2. Secure – Customer’s security is at the forefront of the product’s design.
  3. Successful – The product has been hardened by customers moving PetaBytes of data.
  4. Compliant – Data integrity is a fundamental principle of their product when moving data from source to target.
  5. Fast – Migration speeds like no other.
  6. Affordable – Simply Migrate have simplified the migration process, making migration projects more affordable.

Simply Migrate brings efficiency to many aspects of data migration projects; cost, management, infrastructure, time, and data transfer. They set out to disrupt the data migration industry by simplifying the process, and have well and truly achieved their goal and made it much more efficient. Simply Migrate installs and starts migrating data within a few minutes utilising existing skill sets and infrastructure saving time, effort and money. Their powerful discovery tools also give you a view of your entire data estate per source technology so that you can make informed migration decisions.

How can they benefit your business?

Simply Migrate take your data very seriously, consistently innovating and simplifying the industry. Their technology allows them to mould their migration solution to a businesses’ individual cloud service requirements, whether it be Office 365, Enterprise Vault, OneDrive and many more. This ability sets them apart from other data migration companies. Simply Migrate has been proven to be 5x faster than the competition, meaning that what your business thought was a long expensive project suddenly turns into a quick affordable task. In addition, it is easier to use and is much more responsive to unique client environment’s than any other migration tool.

Get in touch today to find out how this new partnership can benefit you

Additionally, Mimecast use Simply Migrate as their preferred tool for partners and customers alike, globally to extract and migrate data to them from legacy systems and other cloud platforms.

Why choose Simply Migrate

Simply Migrate, as the name suggests prides itself on simplicity but also reliability, being a trusted source of knowledge in a variety of technologies and having support you can rely on. This is especially beneficial for legal and financial businesses as they maintain a strict eye on ensuring data is handled with the utmost integrity, security and efficiency. As well as this, they provide customers with trusted chain of custody reports on any data that is migrated, which is a vital component for businesses such as these.


Mobliciti are now able to offer customers Cloud Migration, as well as securing access to the cloud and managing what is within the cloud.

Considering Simply Migrate is more affordable than its competitors and migration to the cloud is vital in an age where everything is moving there rather than on-premise – a simple and quick migration solution is key for all businesses.

Get in touch today to find out how Mobliciti and Simply Migrate can benefit your business today.

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