Are we putting our personal information at risk?

With today’s announcement by WikiLeaks of the methods used by the CIA to hack, monitor, control and even disable smartphones, it brings into question, if the CIA are hacking your phone who else is?

What’s at risk?

Within the past few years there has been a technology shift from using laptops to using mobile, and with more companies operating a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, ensuring everyone is secure sounds like a mammoth task.

To date the common perception has been that only Android is at risk, however, the risks to iOS are ever increasing.  These can come in the form of apps infected with malware, comprised Wi-Fi networks and spam texts leading to phishing websites trying to collect your details, to name just a few.

All it takes is for one employee’s device to be breached to put all your corporate information at risk.

What should you do?

Invest in a Mobile Threat Prevention (MTP) service  – simple.

By using an MTP service this you will ensure:

  • Your sensitive business data is protected from cyberattacks when in use and in transit on iOS and Android
  • You have improved visibility and protection through integration with existing mobility and security systems
  • A rapid response to cross-platform advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks
  • A preserved user experience and user privacy, while adding the protection you, as a business, require


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