SandBlast Mobile Leads the Way in MTD Solutions

Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) goes beyond MDM solutions by incorporating device protection with that of remote serves and cloud-based solutions, it can also work hand in hand with the control and policy enforcement of MDM to offer well-rounded defence.

Miercom conducted the first independent, hands-on test of mobile threat defence products and Check Point SandBlast Mobile received 100% in all tested areas.

Check Point SandBlast Mobile was assessed against similar MTD solutions and was found that it could detect and block 100% of malicious applications and network attacks and mitigate all device vulnerabilities, regardless of operating system.

Miercom’s report covered both Android and iOS-mobile based devices and tested the following areas:

  • Malicious Malware and Applications
  • Network Attack Vulnerabilities
  • Mobile Device Vulnerabilities
  • Quality of Experience (QoE)

Malicious Application Detection

SandBlast Mobile detected all malicious apps, including a sample unknown to virus databases. It leverages reputation-based analysis, behavioural anomalies and full application emulation to provide the best malware prevention.

MTD Malicious Application Detection Efficacy

MTD Network Attack Detection EfficacyNetwork Attack Vulnerabilities

Delivered 100% detection against an Industry Average of 67%.

MTD Device Vulnerability DetectionsMobile Device Vulnerabilities

For both Android and iOS devices, SandBlast Mobile detected 100% of vulnerabilities. It can detect root-access devices, outdated firmware, and a malicious iOS profile.


sandblast averga

Quality of Experience

The administrator and user experiences with the MTD solution distinguish a great product from a good one. SandBlast Mobile and other MTD venders were assessed for

  • Deployment
  • Usability
  • Remediation experience

SandBlast Mobile was awarded excellent in every category, well above the industry average.

Unique Features

Malicious attackers are always looking to exploit coverage gaps, but SandBlast Mobile offers the following unique features to counteract these threats.

“Action-based” detection: Check Point detection does not rely exclusively on vulnerability type or reputation. Installations are monitored and threats are categorised into risk-based enterprise policy violations.

Innovative False Positive Detection: Instead of solely examining the signature database, Check Point evaluates activity based on two factors – reputation and complexity.


Check Point SandBlast is the leading solution on offer, both in terms of threat detection and usability. It has an innovative approach to mobile security that detects and blocks attacks on iOS and Android mobile devices before they start.

Only Check Point provides a complete mobile security solution that protects devices from threats on the device, in apps, in the network, and in SMS messages, and delivers the industry’s highest threat catch rate for iOS and Android

The solution doesn’t impede on user privacy or experience, meaning they are protected without any negative impacts.

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