Seamless Connectivity whether in the office or roaming, with simple and manageable billing

Mobile Airtime

Traditionally carriers bundle devices & airtime into one contract, meaning you have a bill that covers device cost, call minutes, texts and data. This allows carriers to hide costs and provide you with additional items you may not require.
Our airtime agreements allow you to unbundle devices & airtime whilst simplifying costs & contracts. We can also provide multi-network contracts ensuring your staff have the best coverage for their location.

  • Best in class tariffs
  • Designed to minimise waste and bill shock
  • Multi-Network Support
  • Managed mobile network with named support
  • Effective usage reporting
  • Choice of network SIMs on the same contract & tariff
  • Automatically applied bolt-ons for individuals
  • Inclusive Roaming
  • Proactive usage and cost management to keep costs optimised

Enterprise Wireless Networks

Mobliciti delivers a revolutionary Cloud managed, Controller-less Enterprise Wireless solution, combining industry leading switching and access point technology with our unique managed service delivery. Our controller-less, cloud-managed wireless technology is revolutionising the way enterprises deliver high-performing, scalable and secure wireless connectivity throughout their regional and global offices.

  • Consistent delivery and user experience
  • Cost effective and easy to scale
  • Centralised cloud based management platform (also available on-prem)
  • Global delivery and support
  • Helpdesk integration services
  • Supported alongside Service Level Agreements
  • Unique Features such as Private Pre-Shared keys

Public Wi-Fi Networks

As mobile data consumption increases, the need for mobile data offloading and faster connections is business critical. Mobliciti delivers a consistent global public wireless service consolidating more than 60 million public Wi-Fi hotspots in over 120 countries.

  • Global coverage through 60m + locations globally
  • Roaming cost reduction
  • Easy and consistent end user experience, delivered globally
  • Secure
  • Faster connections
  • Easy to support and manage
  • Cost effective and predictable
managed services

Fully Managed Services

IT Mobility can transform business potential, but it’s complex and high risk if poorly executed. Mobliciti’s Fully Managed Services will ensure your Mobile IT strategy becomes reality.

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