Making it simple to Deploy, Enable, Manage and Control the Cost of Mobile Throughout your Organisation

Enterprise Mobility Management

As mobile users increasingly demand the ability to use their own devices for everything personal and work-related, IT is quickly losing control over end-user technology decisions. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) – incorporating Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Content Management (MCM) – a comprehensive solution that helps organisations support a multi-OS environment that allows employees to use their preferred devices to access corporate apps and data while meeting critical security and compliance requirements.

  • Secure & manage mobile devices across multiple operating systems
  • Secure corporate data on mobile devices without compromising the end-user experience
  • Build and maintain an enterprise app storefront
  • Secure applications on any device
  • Establish DLP controls to protect corporate content from unauthorised distribution
  • Industry leading EMM engineering skills
  • One of the UK’s most experienced EMM integrators
  • 24 x 7 service desk
  • Industry specific understanding
  • On premise, cloud and hybrid implementation models

Mobile Carrier Auditing

Management of mobile telecoms are complex and expensive, Mobliciti makes it simple. Using our services, we can help you re-define the standards of value that businesses should expect from their telecoms providers. We have developed a process-based methodology to help you optimise the management of your telecoms budget, services and investments.

  • Achieve clear visibility of current & projected spend
  • Unlock hidden cost savings
  • Identify policy management issues
  • Discover hidden terms & conditions
  • Validate current billing
  • Maximise ROI from your telecoms investment

Roaming Cost Control

As employees travel for work bill shock is becoming a high concern for financial departments. Mobliciti can provide granular visibility of what data is being accessed by users, enabling organisations to apply customised, automated control on what and where data is used.

  • SIM level, device agnostic solutions
  • Carrier agnostic technology
  • Provisioning and mitigation processes integrated with EMM platform
  • Automated proximity aware control
  • Full visibility of user behaviour (where required)
  • 24 x 7 Service desk.
  • Experienced mobile cost consultants

Mobile Application Development

Bespoke application development, mobilising existing systems and delivery are becoming central to many organisations’ strategy to enable the mobile workforce. With Mobliciti we can provide you with solutions do just this. Build an app in just 10 minutes with a cost effective drag and drop platform or transfer those systems which were historically desktop only onto a mobile.

  • Rapidly build & deploy applications
  • Mobilise legacy systems
  • See key app utilisation metrics
  • Gather app fault logs
  • Enhance app support capabilities
  • Evaluate your application’s ROI
managed services

Fully Managed Services

IT Mobility can transform business potential, but it’s complex and high risk if poorly executed. Mobliciti’s Fully Managed Services will ensure your Mobile IT strategy becomes reality.

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