The Ultimate Guide To BYOD

Mobile devices have come to play a crucial role in business, enabling employees to work in any location. Whilst some companies provide employees with a corporate handset, this can often be extremely costly, causing many to search for an alternative solution. “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD), is a trend that’s continuing to grow within the enterprise, allowing users to access business apps and data from their own devices. The BYOD market is anticipated to reach almost $367 billion by 2022, up from just $30 million in 2014, highlighting its staggering demand.

Whilst BYOD programmes offer a convenient and cost-effective solution, the devices are also vulnerable to growing security threats against enterprise apps and data on unsecured devices. A successful long-term BYOD programme enables mobile productivity whilst ensuring the security of corporate data.

This whitepaper, produced in conjunction with MobileIron, provides a thorough guide to implementing BYOD, looking at best practices and recommendations for preparing, building, rolling out, and sustaining a secure and successful BYOD programme.

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How can Mobliciti Help?

BYOD can be a daunting task to implement, with multiple factors to consider. Mobliciti can provide advice and guidance on device policy and can make your BYOD programme a success.

Mobliciti specialises in supporting businesses in the procurement and management of an organisations mobile fleet. To find out more about how we can help your business implement a BYOD programme, please get in touch.

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