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As enterprises push ahead with mobile-first strategies – and employee smartphones and tablets increasingly becoming business tools – the importance of mobile threat defence (MTD) is growing.

The technology must cover applications, networks and device-level threats to iOS and Android phones and tablets to be effective.

Mobliciti’s partner Wandera provides Mobile Threat Defence and Data Management enabling you to stay ahead of the threats and also stay on-top of excess data charges.

Mobile Threat Defence


Prevent the attack
With access to the network itself, threats like phishing and malware can be intercepted before they even reach the device.


Detect the threat
Using real-time behavioural analysis, even undiscovered, zero-day threats can be identified on infected devices.


Contain the damage
Once a device is compromised, stop attackers from exerting remote control and block the data from exfiltration.

Data Management

Set intelligent rules about which employees can access which services.

Create custom notifications when specific thresholds are reached.

Save 10% of business data by compressing it in real-time.

Create and enforce policies to manage costly roaming fees based on location.

Block access to apps, web domains and individual URL’s or jail broken devices.

Restrict access to entire categories allowing you to define and limit personal usage.

Create policies that apply to different groups in different circumstances, and switch from one user to another with ease.

Ensure usage is compliant and reduce legal exposure.

Uniquely Wandera

Wandera has a number of unique features which differentiate it from others in the marketplace.

» Mobile Intelligence: MI: RIAM, a proprietary cloud security engine that detects and prevents zero-day attacks by analysing 2 billion daily inputs from millions of mobile devices.

» Cellular and Wi-Fi: Designed to work on devices using any kind of connection which means full functionality for phones connected via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi hotspots.

» Enterprise Mobility Management Integration: Go beyond EMM with advanced bi-directional policy control. Effortlessly deploy Wandera across any number of enterprise mobile devices directly from the EMM console and set powerful controls across both device and data.

» Carrier Agnostic: Wandera is ready to go with any mobile data provider, without the need for any configuration or integration with your network operator. Data is vectored from the device directly to your admin portal, without the need for VPNs or custom setup.

» Flexible Device Support: Wandera’s aim is to provide a unifying solution for mobile security and data management that works seamlessly across a wide range of devices, whatever the unique blend of your fleet might be. They support: all iOS devices, Samsung Android, Windows 10 Mobile and Generic Android Devices (running Android 4.2+).

Wandera 2.0 – a better, stronger, faster platform

REengineered architecture

• Faster data loading: it now takes less than 20 seconds to load any report worldwide. Most queries load at least 50% faster than before.

• Highly parallel workloads: more reports can be completed in sync than ever before, as well as a 30% increase in parallel performance.


REcrafted App

The app has been stripped back and completely redesigned and reconfigured. The user experience has been improved substantially with an intuitive, slick looking UI and intelligent graphs and images providing users with powerful insights.

REdesigned console

The redesigned portal showcases a brighter, more user-friendly UI with reduced icons and more open space. It also boasts new navigation labels – Security, Acceptable Use and Data Management.

To find out more about Wandera and how to implement them in your workplace, get in touch.

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