Webinar: It’s Time to Ditch the Tech Fund & Embrace an Alternative Model

Traditionally, businesses have purchased their mobile devices as part of their mobile network contract, typically using ‘tech funds’. This model has never truly offered best value for the customer as it requires the cost of the airtime to be artificially inflated to make a ‘tech fund’ available.
As the devices were ‘free’ it didn’t make sense for customers to look at alternative device sourcing options. In reality, this prevents customers from exploring the market and ensures that customers purchase direct from the mobile network.

However, as the cost of devices is ever increasing and businesses start to switch from low-end to high-end devices, they need to consider alternative methods of purchase to prevent mobile contracts becoming unreasonably priced. Also, many businesses ignore the residual value of such high-end devices and the impact this has on the total cost of ownership as well as the best ways of securely disposing of such devices.

Download the webinar to find out how to:

  • Save money on procuring your company’s Mobile Devices
  • Build device cost into your operating budget
  • Ensure your staff have the latest devices
  • Securely deal with device end of life

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How Mobliciti Can Help

Mobliciti delivers a revolutionary Cloud managed, Controller-less Enterprise Wireless solution, combining industry leading switching and access point technology with our unique managed service delivery. Our controller-less, cloud-managed wireless technology is revolutionising the way enterprises deliver high-performing, scalable and secure wireless connectivity throughout their regional and global offices.

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